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We have noticed you joined   www.nidink.com Quite a while ago and have not been back to have another look.

By way of this newsletter made we would like to invite you back to take a new look at us.

Lots has changed in the past year since  www.nidink.com was born, march 16, 2007 

Upon entering nidink home page click on here to create account...use only numbers or letters no spaces or characters other then _ in your nic.... then click TAKE ME TO GAMES on left side of home page or on the top of the page. Your Choice then is Board or Card games.

 New Members Please Note: NEW EASIER Automatic System to join and play...

We have changed our system and now all is checked automatically and if you need to install a program or update it shows you what to install upon entry into a lobby. Just click install on what ever shows to you and it is done automaticallyThese programs are java, adobe flash and google gears

 We Now have 3 new 4 player card games in full release 

Spades, Euchre & Hearts 


NDK Friends A Global Messaging System that stays open even if you close nidink games. 


You can now set each game to be rated or unrated 

Upon entering our game lobby for the first time again please, look in tips, upper right above players list, in there choose ToC to see all contents and click on the one you would like to read or click on next to go through all the tips for the site. This is the fastest way to learn of all our new features on www.nidink.com

Here in nidink we don’t ask much of our members other than…“to try and get along with each other”

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