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  (!)Why Members Love nidink(!)


Fast Playing...Awesome Graphics


Complete Privacy In Private Messages & Cams Always...Optional Privacy In Games


Fun..Friendly...No Pressure Players...Proven Less Drama Rama Here Than Any Other Gaming Site


Place To Enter Your Pic..Shows User Status..Additional Info Members Can Add..


Always Friendly ...Always Helpful If TheyCan...There For The Members Always


Fun Friendly Adult Chat


Integrated Cam & Mic Use Option...Private!!!!

Here in nidink we don’t ask much of our members other than…

 “To try and get along with each other” 

In the lobbys we expect:.
NO attacking
NO abuse
NO stalking
NO explicit sexual talk


 2 to 8 Player..Texas Hold'em Poker

Cribbage 2 to 4 Player

Canasta, Bridge, Euchre, Spades, Pinochle, Gin Rummy, Hearts

Texas Hold'em Poker,Five Hundred,Chinchon, Pool, Backgammon,

Dominoes, Connect 4, Reversi,

Parchisi, Chess, Checkers

 On Take Me To Games Page 


 If You Want To Learn How To Play
 Any Of Our Games 
 Please Just Ask In A Lobby 
Many Teachers Available


Members make this site, so please,

if you like what you see here in Nidink, please tell your friends,

if you don’t like what you see, please tell us

We appreciate feed back



•Ignore unwanted chats and private messages!•

•Rated games!•

•BIG BOARD Option Now In BG, BIG CARD Option Now in Cribbage•

For more information on the new features

please click "read more" under this page

So register for free, sign in and play in one of the multiplayer classic games by clicking “Take Me to the Games” in the left menu or try one of the 100’s of the single player games we offer in the menu on the left

NEW FEATURE! Ignore unwanted chats and private messages!

Now you can ignore a user permanently by right clicking in user list and will always ignore until you click unignore OR you may choose to just select ignore PM’s from that user

NEW FEATURE! Rated games!

The Rating System is Now Working in All Our Multi Player Games

Backgammon, Cribbage, Reversi & Checkers

Soon you will have the option to choose Rated or UnRated Games

Please look around and check out the best game site on the internet!

Improved Bots available for play in Crib, Back Gammon, Reversi & Spades

NEW FEATURE! BIG BOARD Option Now In BG, BIG CARD Option Now in Cribbage 



The Nidink Staff   are just normal, friendly, helpful members. Whether it is the support team helping members with technical, game or site navigation issues or hosts running either scheduled tournaments or spurs, there will be someone there to offer assistance.

Our Multi Player Games  are loaded with features you won’t find anywhere else for fun interaction and play. Choose your favourite avatar to represent yourself & pick the font and colour of your choice. Lots of choices of lobby background them & game themes.

Bots are available to play in Crib, Reversi, Spades & Backgammon.

Crib here is the most visually graphic game to be found anywhere on the net. It is extremely fast playing. A Check it out. You will not be disappointed.

In backgammon you can choose many different boards and stones (pips) and you are offered a classic backgammon game and also a hyper-gammon game (a fast playing fewer stones format). In addition you may choose drag and drop or click and move for your dice.

Spades here is a 4 player games that can be played by 4 players,2 players with bots or one player with 3 bots for practise.

Chess is visually awesome and very familiar type lay out to ex zone players.

The options box in the games is where you can change avatars, access smiley’s, add YouTube’s & more.

We offer a variety of music stations to listen to and YouTube videos that you can share.

A global  private message is installed throughout the site.

The friends list  shows if any of you friends are online in another room or not.You can "pm" a friend no matter if they are in another room. 


Nidink.com The Online Home of a Gaming Community



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