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Starting Games

2 Player Games

To Start click in the left chair to sit then click start and set the game settings click okay and begin play.

To play a bot sit in left chait and click spawn, set game settings, click okay and begin play.

4 Player Games

The host chair is the upper left (back) chair. The host is the one who sets the game settings. The partner chair is the diagonal chair.

To play bots sit in host chair click spawn then when game board opens click  spawn for the other 2 places and bots will appear.

Change Fonts
After you initial font set when you had to change all 3 settings, you may now change any setting. size, font or colour, individually. You may also enter a custom colour by copying the code into Personal Color.

Add a Friend
To add a friend to your friends list right click in players list then left click to add. If you and your friend add each other it becomes global and you can PM each other from within anywhere on site.

Lobby Theme
There are many different lobby themes. Check them all out in options. Find your fav!!


To add a youtube  video  you need to cut and paste the url into videold  in options.

You do this by selecting after the = sign in the videos url  

for example: 

copy and paste this part   qQfy05xF2sU  into video old in options.

Your Profile & Picture

To add your information and a photo click on home page, enter your profile under user menu on the left.

phots must be 200X500 ..100kbs maximun

Radio Stations
You can listen to a variety of radio stations here, upper right of lobby click I am at least 18, click on right or left arrow to scroll through the available stations, click play button when you find what you want.

Ignore Feature
You can ignore a nic permanently by right clicking in user list and will alway ignore until you click unignoreJ  OR  you may choose to just select ignore PM’s from that userJ)

To Disable Kibitz
To  Disable Members or Guests from Kibizing GameClick On The "O" left side of Chat Area in Game and Click Disable Kibitz

Support Room

If anyone has any problems, or questions...

Please click on support room button located on your games page,  above the backgammon game.

How To Install Goggle Gears

on the right  click download gears beta version

then click RUN click  allow as trusted site

after its done clean temp files (manually).

then close all explorer windowsafter installing it,

 the first time u load the room next it will be fairly slow

at this point click allow google gears to run and click to remember my decision

after u get in the first time, hold ctrl & push r to refresh the page,

Inviting New Members

Please take the time once in a while, to invite even one new person to here or to post about this site in any group you might belong to, members make this site, so please, if you like what you see here in nidink, please tell your friends, if you dont like what you see, please tell us:) We appreciate feed back:)

BackGammon Hyper Game
Before a game is started you may choose hyper gammon from the drop down window in right hand side of the board. Hyper gammon is a 3 stone apiece game. Give it a try.

Options For Dice In BackGammon

Method  1 allows you to move right dice with right click and left dice with left click.

Method 2 allows you to change the lead dice with right click but only move on left click.

Drag & Drop allows you to capture your stone with either right or left click and click to drop where you want. Or you can click on and drag your stone and click again to drop.


BackGammon AutoDone Feature
In back gammon if you click, auto done, when you move your last stone it automatically becomes the other players turn. If you unclick, auto done, after you have made your last move, you need to click done before it is the other players turn.

Selecting number of points for BG match
To set a match above one game, click on the drop down box under maximum score, & select the number of points you wish for the match. For rated the points will change only when the total match is played out.

Changing the Board of BackGammon
To change the style of the backgammon table or to select  a big board, click on the drop down box in the right hand side of the gammon table.

Changing others Fonts in Lobby
To change another’s font  in the lobby because the size or colour bothers you , right click their nic in players list then left click replace fonts of that nic and their type will appear to be the same as your font.

Logged in as a Guest?

If U Are Having Trouble Logging In & enter as a guest,

Click On Home, In “USERNAME”Erase That & Enter Ur Own Nic,

Delet the DOTS in password and enter your password,

Make Sure U Click Remember Me

To Check Scoring in Crib Hands

To review the hands played in crib, click on next at end of the hand played. You can check all hands by  clicking next, then click done to continue.

Too skip checking just click on done at the end of the hand.

Card Size in Crib
Card  size in crib can be selected  in the drop down menu, located center left. Default is normal sized cards  or big cards can be selected.

Setting Numer of Stakes for a Crib Match
Stakes can be set in crib in the drop down menu, upper left. For rated,  in a multiple stakes match, the ratings will not change until the match has been completed.

Google Gears Update
If you see the site is slowing down a bit for you, click on the update all button, to the top left hand side of your lobby page, what it will do is update your google gears with our latest additions.

Increasing # of Chat Lines
To increase the size of the chat area, so you can read more lines, click the arrow in the right side of the table zone bar., now only the chat will show.To return to the split screen of tables and chat, just click same arrow again. Should you wish just to see the tables and no chat, click the arrow on the right side of the chat zone bar. Click same arrow to reset.

Position of Option & Room Buttons
To move the options &  room button  to either the bottom of chat box or to the top of chat box , click on the box to the left of options. It will then be remembered always where you want them until you click the box again.

Emoticons Sounds
To turn the sound  of the emoticons  off in the lobby , click  in the mute box, lower right under the enter button. To hear them click again and take the check mark out.

Choosing An Avatar
To select an avatar  to best suit your personality or looks, on main page home, under user list , click on Male or Female Avatar.  There you will find many choices. Remember the number or name of the avatar you like, then enter it  in the options box in the game lobby and select your choice from the pull down menu.

To Spawn a Bot in Back Gammon
To spawn a bot in back gammon sit in the left side chair and click  spawn.

To Spawn a Bot in Cribbage
To spawn a bot in cribbage sit in either  chair and click  on spawn.