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NEW EUCHRE PLAYERS GUIDE = HOW WE WORK 3 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 14
Welcome to the Nidink Euchre Tour Room

We strive to be a friendly site with no tolerance for name-calling, bullying, or drama. If you need help with anything, please ask your fellow players or our Host for the Hour. We want you to feel like a part of our Euchre Family.

* The first time entering Nidink Euchre you are directed to the Euchre Social Room where you can play fun games and meet other new players . This room has bots to fill in. The second time you arrive you will have the option to enter our Euchre Tour Room.

* The first time entering the Euchre Tour room you may only see Tables A,B,C,D and E. Sit on one of these tables and set the game to 5. After you finish one game, the room will show all the tables, which are Tables 1 - 100.

* All new tourneys start at the top of each hour beginning with Table's 1 – 4. Then we work our way down. Round 2 seating usually starts in the 20's.

* In round one, we wait for our host to write”go” in the lobby before beginning play. Sit at one of these tables indicated. The Host will fill find you a partner if you don't have one.

* You advance to the next round with each game you win by posting your win in the lobby with partner’s name and table number, like this, so the host can see and separate your post from lobby chat. For example:
Your name>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> partner rd 1 on table1 (The “rd” is for round one, the first set of games that are played.)

* The host will then seat you in the next round as soon as possible, so watch the lobby for your table to be named.

* In round 1 you wait for the host to say go, but in advanced rounds you start when you have 4 players sit. We are seated in order as tables finish their games.

* If you lose your round 1 game, we mow offer “second chance” tables. Watch the lobby to see if the tourney is still open. The host will tell you which tables are open for the 2nd chance.

* We do close at 20 mins past the hour.. and later tables may play to 5 points.... ALWAYS watch the lobby your hosts will let you know.

* The top left seat sets and starts the table. You will see a drop down box that is already preset for normal play.. You don't have to change the setting unless our host plays a different format that requires the table to be set for Stick the Dealer, a special game.

* In the event you need to leave the computer for a minute, you can put your game play on auto by checking the box indicated on the screen. However this is only a good idea for regular play. It is not set to play automatically for special games.

* Table chat we use a lot of short cuts, for instance , P = partner NH = nice hand, together it's NHP , NE = nice euchre , NS = nice save , GJ = good job,
NT = nice try, you will pick up other things as you get more familiar.

* New players to Nidink all start with the default table avatar (Shaggy) ,to change, look in Options located on the left side at the middle of the page. Click in “options” and you will see ”Preview Avatar.” Then you can select one of your own choice.

* We also have a private messenger. You may hear a bell sound and will notice a player’s name light up. You will see this in the middle above the chat, below the tables .This means a player or host is trying to talk to you.

* To use private messenger to talk to hosts or players, right click on that person's name from the player list and you will see this option in the drop down list.

* To add your picture to your profile you go to your profile and click “edit” and you will see this option that also can be found in this drop down box by clicking on your name and using this same drop down box.

* To register an account , go to the Nidink’s home page, and you can create a name of your choice. Also you will have more options in the game room.

* If you have any questions, ask in the lobby. Everyone is very friendly and willing to help. We are all here for the same reason, to make new friends and play some competitive euchre.

* In time if you feel you would like to be part of our Host Staff , you can apply by 1st registering an account at our home page , then send an email to info@ and include your player name, and we will contact you and see that you are properly trained.

Managers of this room are Jazzzy, Bango, Duckie, Lyn & Doc feel free to contact us with any concerns you may have..So again, Welcome to Nidink and enjoy your games.

Jazzzzy & Bango and our Staff
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Re:NEW EUCHRE PLAYERS GUIDE = HOW WE WORK 2 Years, 5 Months ago Karma: 26
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Re:NEW EUCHRE PLAYERS GUIDE = HOW WE WORK 1 Year, 11 Months ago Karma: 0
It says if you register an account you will have more options in the room. What kind of options are they referring to? Thank you, Angi
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